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ResidencyAdvisor.Info allows General Surgery residency applicants to manage their application process.

By entering an anonymous profile of their qualifications, applicants may compare themselves to other applicants and determine if they may be competitive at different programs. Applicants may easily access published information about programs, review the opinions of other applicants, plan their interviews, and score their impressions of programs. Finally, the site helps applicants to develop their rank lists and to anonymously compare their rankings with others.

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MULTIPLE UPDATES!   More External Links, Detailed Application Data, and More!  

I've added links to more pages at the ACGME, the American Board of Surgery (for 5 year pass rates), and the NIH (for insitution-specific funding, when applicable).

How many times have you asked (or been asked) the questions:
  • "Does it make a difference if I apply early?"
  • "Which programs have started sending out invitations?"
  • "What interview dates are being offered?"
  • Check out the new "Application Data" page in the "Program Information" section. By entering your application dates (Tip: enter a default date for all programs on the "Options" page) as well as the dates you hear from programs, you can finally get answers to the questions above. The icon for this page indicates if anyone has reported receiving a response to their application. The superscript indicates the number of responses:
  • 0   =   No application responses (invitations, etc.) have been received by users for the current match year.
  • 6   =   Six users have reported receiving application responses for the current match year.
  • Please encourage your classmates to use this site, and ask PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents that you are currently working with to enter their profiles and rank lists. The more data that users enter, the more accurate and useful this database will become.

    I welcome any suggestions, bug reports, and other feedback that you may have at

    Good luck in the upcoming interview season!

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